This project, also called “THE house plan” will cover 4 units required to finally achieve the so wanted Advanced Diploma of Engineering within 6 months.

This project was specially created for students to have an opportunity to know how industry works and also be able to compete for better job positions
Moreover, students can confident choose between working in civil or mechanical engineering, or both.

MEM09157A Perform mechanical engineering design drafting

This unit of competency covers the preparation of design drawings or graphics used in the mechanical engineering, manufacturing engineering and related industry sectors. The unit includes working with a design brief or concept prepared by an engineer or other designer as well as the specification of items, functions, limits, fits, tolerances, and other engineering information required for the eventual production of fully detailed drawings. The unit requires the design drawing to be performed using appropriate computer-aided design (CAD) and other drafting techniques that include sketching, computer graphics and the application of drawing standards.

MEM14087A Apply manufactured product design techniques

This unit of competency covers the application of engineering design techniques to manufactured products. It includes documentation of the design process, calculations, specifications, computer-aided design (CAD) files, risk analysis, sustainability and life cycle assessments.

MEM14089A Integrate mechanical fundamentals into an engineering task

This unit of competency covers the integration of mechanical fundamentals to achieve an engineering or related task. It includes identifying task parameters, personal and team functions, chain of responsibility and work health and safety (WHS) guidelines. It includes investigation of machines, mechanisms and mechanical systems, and mechanical fundamentals, such as mechanical methods and processes, workshop techniques, materials, scientific and mathematical principles and computer software. It requires completion of the task in cooperation with the team and documentation of the process and outcomes.

MEM22013A Coordinate engineering projects

This unit of competency covers the coordination of engineering projects within project plans and budgets. It includes monitoring and maintaining the project implementation plan, performance analysis and use of project management software.