Lectures and exercises to bring your shooting and editing skills up to a good, working level before we move on to the production projects.

This course describes the skills and knowledge required to determine and respond effectively to broad and specific safety requirements in a professional practice. 

It applies to individuals who are sole practitioners or working in collaborative teams across all sectors and areas of expertise, who are responsible for managing safety. The practitioner applies a self-directed approach to ensuring safety. The unit could apply to a range of internal and external work environments, including workshops, studios, offices, field locations and performance venues.

This course teaches basic skills and knowledge required to create Digital Visual effects for production. It will focus on primary visual effects concepts and teach several key techniques to help solve common production challenges.  

This course teaches the skills and knowledge required to maintain creative arts industry knowledge and monitor and manage your own professional practice.

This unit teaches you the skills and knowledge required to work as an independent content creator within the creative arts industry. This includes promoting yourself to potential clients, negotiating work arrangements, managing financial and business aspects of services, and undertaking strategic planning.